Candida Yeast TreatmentCandida can be a miserable condition that affects the gut. When we lack certain flora in our intestines, yeast can flourish and cause a plethora of issues. Some may even be experiencing symptoms of an internal and systemic (whole body) yeast infection and not even know it.

How does Candida take control of the body? Due to factors such as recent antibiotic use, poor nutrition, and compromised immune system, Candida will thrive and grow happily until proper balance is restored in the body to once again keep it in check. If you have a systemic yeast infection, your symptoms may include lethargy or “brain fog”, increased allergic responses, sensitivity to chemicals, heavy metal burden, hormonal imbalances (PMS), headaches, tinnitus, and digestion issues.

The foundation for treating Candida is to boost the immune system and restore the gut flora, but also remove the food supply to the yeast organism. If you suspect that Candida is an issue, please set up a Functional Medicine consult to explore all the options available to you.

What is Candida?

Merrium-Webster Dictionary Definition

"Candida is any of a genus (Candida) of parasitic fungi that resemble yeasts, occur especially in the mouth, vagina, and intestinal tract where they are usually benign but can become pathogenic, and have been grouped with the imperfect fungi but are now often placed with the ascomycetes..."

Symptoms of Candida are varied, but may include:

  • Skin and nail fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot or toenail fungus
  • Feeling tired and worn down, or suffering from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia
  • Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, or diarrhea
  • Autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ulcerative colitis, Lupus, Psoriasis, Scleroderma or Multiple sclerosis
  • Difficulty concentrating, poor memory, lack of focus, ADD, ADHD and brain fog
  • Skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, hives and rashes
  • Irritability, mood swings, anxiety or depression
  • Vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, rectal itching or vaginal itching
  • Severe seasonal allergies or itchy ears
  • Strong sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings

What therapies can help?

  • Dietary Changes
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Supplements
  • IV Therapies
  • Gastrointestinal rejuvination program

Success Stories treating Candida

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Medical Research about Candida

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Additional information about Candida

The Idaho Center for Integrated Medicine is the place to get the guidance necessary to restore proper balance to your GI tract and the rest of your body.  While lab tests are not completely reliable for Candida, we can often times discover it through careful history and symptoms questionnaires.  In most cases, we like to run a Functional Stool Analysis by a specialty lab.  This evaluation tells us about the function and ecology of the entire GI tract.  If you are having one or more symptoms of Candida please call today (208) 629-5374.