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“What makes this technology totally unique is the harmonic frequency patterns created are different for each person and are analog, as is the human biologic system.” ~


The Energetic Fitness System, or EFS, is not a new technology, but rather a new way to use an old technological concept that was originally conceptualized by Nikola Tesla while working with George Lakhovsky in the late 1800's.  The EFS has been preferred by weight lifters and body builders who use it before they work out their bodies and after as they see great results in their performance and how they feel.


**This treatment is not an option for patients with a pacemaker**

What is EFS?


EFS treatement reinforces the “frequency harmonics” of an individual's cells in the body. This will increase energy levels and can improve cellular function, which may relieve stress on your body's systems and optimize your body's performance. 

**This treatment is not an option for patients with a pacemaker

What can EFS help with?


When using this machine, there is no programming to put in or to adjust for you, it will rely on your body to tell it what it needs. Remember, this does not “treat” or “cure” anything. It merely boosts the body's natural healing capabilities. Some of the issues that can benefit from the EFS are:

  • Respiratory
  • Auto immune
  • Neurological
  • Orthopedic
  • General well-being

**This treatment is not an option for patients with a pacemaker

Success Stories using EFS

Provided by Energetic Fitness

"One of the most difficult things in recovering from a massive stroke was
my complete lack of energy.  Far more than the problems associated with
weak muscles and nerves that didn't respond to my brain, was a general malaise.
Once I started using the EFS on a regular basis - five times a week - I was
startled by the increase in my energy, and general well-being.  That has
had a major effect on my recovery.

In addition, I've also seen increases in the movement of my limbs on my
affected side while on the machine.  This increased mobility is now
beginning to show when I'm no longer attached.

I'm on the machine for an hour at a time.  If I was the more contemplative
sort, this might be a good time for meditation, but I've chosen to use
books on tape to keep my mind occupied.  I find it a very pleasant hour."

                                                                            -  R.A. Deckert


See More: http://energeticfitness.com/user-experiences-2/testimonial-links-2/

Medical Research about EFS


As stated by the inverse square law, a magnetic field has a diagonal straight line decline from the point of origin to 0. In regards to the EFS and the EFS user, the line reads as a stable horizontal line decline at a distance before dramatically dropping off to 0. During the tests the magnetic fields expand dramatically during usage. Extending through the wall of the testing room, the measuring equipment had to be moved to the next room where the field picked up and continued to expand. These were noted as natural fields and not artificially created new ones, extending from the user not from the EFS unit.

There have been many individuals tested and each had their own unique before and after results. The most common results have been Live Blood Studies (Darkfield Microscopy) revealing changes in blood samples for each user. Lethargic white and red blood cells seemed more active, as well as, larger brighter coronas surrounding the cells being viewed after an energetic charging session.



Additional Info about EFS at the ICIM

We provide a relaxing and comfortable enviroment while utilizing the EFS system. We want you to relax and enjoy your experience. While the machine is running, it is recommended that patients relax and meditate allowing the body to open up for optimal flow of energy resulting in efficient functioning and better health.

**This treatment is not an option for patients with a pacemaker

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