FIR or Far Infrared sauna has been a staple of successful detox programs for years.  The Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine now has the Relax Far Infrared Sauna to assist patients in their detox journey.  Please watch the videos below for more information on the Relax Sauna, then please call our office for more info and package pricing  - 208-629-5374

What is FIR Sauna?

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What can Far Infrared Sauna help with?

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Success Stories using FIR Detox

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Medical Research about FIR

Pricing and Additional Info on FIR Sauna at the ICIM

Pricing for Far Infrared Sauna is very reasonable. Come break a sweat without breaking the bank! 

1 Session = $25

5 Session Pkg = $100 (save $25)

10 Session Pkg = $200 (save $50)