The Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine is one of the few clinics in all of Idaho, and the only one in the Treasure Valley, to offer ambulatory decompression therapy via the Vertetrac device.  This patented device comes from Israel, and is specifically designed to decompress or traction the lumbar spine, while still allowing you to walk.  Why is this important?  The body heals when it moves in the functional patterns of daily life.  That means those expensive decompression tables where you are lying down for the entire treatment are old news.  This presents a breakthrough in the treatment of chronic low back pain and disc herniations with Sciatica.  Considering surgery?  Most disc herniations can actually resolve without surgery, and the Vertetrac can accelerate the healing process.  Call our Boise office today at (208) 629-5374 to see how Vertetrac can help you!   Additionally, we recommend you watch Meditrac's demo video to the right. 

What is Vertetrac Decompression?

Vertetrac-decompressionQuite simply, the Vertetrac is a mechanical device that allows you to apply a strong traction or decompression force to your lower back while you walk.  This takes the weight off your spine, discs, and nerves, which helps with pain and recovery.  The patented technolgoy was developed in Israel, but is quickly being recognized as a logical choice for ambulatory disc decompression.

What can Vertetrac Decompression help with?

This therapy is good for low back pain of most any etiology, but it really shines in cases of lumbar spinal stenosis or neural foraminal stenosis, disc bulge/herniation, sciatica (pinched nerve), and degenerative disc disease (DDD). 

Success Stories using the Vertetrac

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Medical Research about Vertetrac Decompression

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Additional Info about Vertetrac Decompression at the ICIM

The Vertetrac device has been catching eyes in the chiropractic and physical therapy industry. Read this recent article in American Chiropractic Magazine.