Meyers' Cocktail and Asthma or Allergies

Allergies Friday, 11 July 2014 04:06
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Asthma can be a very frightening disorder that often sends patients to the hospital for treatment. Dr. Alan R. Gaby has experienced significant improvement in his asthmatic patients by using the Meyers’ Cocktail in intravenous therapy. IV therapies bypass the digestive tract so nutrients are delivered for immediate use. The B vitamins, magnesium, and calcium seem to offer an amazing preventive quality for those who suffer from asthma and other similar disorders. Many asthma sufferers are triggered with allergens as well. The Meyers’ Cocktail helps the body dispel allergens and helps to avoid the flare-up of the bronchial tubes.

A five-year-old boy presented with a two-year history of asthma. During the previous 12 months he had suffered 20 asthma attacks severe enough to require a visit to the hospital emergency department. His symptoms appeared to be exacerbated by several foods, and skin tests had been positive for 23 of 26 inhalants tested. His initial treatment consisted of identification and avoidance of allergenic foods, as well as daily oral supplementation with pyridoxine (50 mg), vitamin C (1,000 mg), calcium (200 mg), magnesium (100 mg), and pantothenic acid (100 mg), in two divided doses with meals. On this regimen, he experienced marked improvement, and had no asthma attacks requiring medical care until nearly 11 months after his initial visit.”

Alternative Medicine Review Volume 7, Number 5 2002

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