Graston Therapy Boise, IDGraston Technique is one of our favorite soft tissue therapies here at the ICIM, and Dr. Noah Edvalson is one of the only chiropractors in Boise that is trained in this technique.  We use stainless steel instruments to help break up fibrous adhesions and knots in your muscles.  This therapy is extremely popular with anyone that has sprains, strains, aches, and pains.  Whether you're an elite athlete like Michael Phelps (read his story about how Graston is his secret to better repair and training), or a computer nerd stuck behind a desk all day, you will love how Graston helps loosen up your muscles. 

Okay, so you won't love it while we are doing it, but you will love how you feel afterwards, and then you might forgive us for the bruises that it leaves on you.  Yes, Graston can be a little bit uncomfortable, but it is one of our more aggressive soft tissue therapies to help those that aren't getting better with just PT and chiropractic adjustments.

What is Graston?

Graston is a technique where Doctor Noah uses stainless steel instruments to "massage" an area of the body that is experiencing muscle tightness or fibrous tissue build up. It is not a comfortable moment, but it is effective. If you haven't yet, please click the link above to read Michael Phelps' story on using Graston!

What can Graston help with?

 Graston helps with a variety soft tissue injuries, such as; tendon, ligament, and muscle strains. This technique promotes faster healing, but generally requires more than one treatment. Great results are often seen between 3 and 4 visits.

Success Stories using Graston

    "Graston Technique® was used to relieve and eliminate plantar fasciitis, soleus and gastrocnemius caused by excessive back pedaling, planting and sprinting forward while officiating NFL games. When my symptoms returned after normal therapy, my physical therapist and athletic trainer suggested GT. Without a doubt, the recovery accelerated, the pain diminished within days, and the tendons and muscles were allowed to be stretched and strengthened to eliminate recurrences."

– John Parry
NFL Referee, Akron, OH


Additional Info about Graston at the ICIM

Here in our office, we take every precaution to make your visit more comfortable. While Graston can be uncomfortable, it is very effective. Bruising is normal so please do not be alarmed if you see them develop. Feel free to call the office with any questions you might have.