Lyme Disease treatmentInfections are one of the top triggers of chronic disease and illness, and Lyme is no exception. Traditionally thought to only exist in the Northeastern United States, we now have an endemic problem. To make matters worse, most patients with Lyme are dismissed from care prematurely, while they continue to battle symptoms of CHRONIC LYME. This diagnosis is largely ignored by the medical community. Possibly the most difficult part is an accurate diagnosis - most people don't remember a tick bite, never had a classic bullseye rash, and have had the condition for a longer period of time. This makes traditional blood tests very problematic.

Common symptoms of Lyme Disease include:  joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, nerve pain, numbness, tingling, fever, chills, rashes, depression, anxiety, and digestive issues.  However, Lyme has been known as "The Great Masquerader" due to its ability to mimic so many other conditions.  We think it is probably more appriorate to lump many of these chronic infections into a larger group known as MSIDS - Multi-System Infectious Disease Syndrome.  If you suffer from a wide range of symptoms that doctors are having a tough time figuring out, consider taking this MSIDS questionnaire produced by the famous Dr. Richard Horowitz.  Please know that there is HOPE for you to recover from these terrible infections!

At the Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine, we use a wide variety of approaches to help overcome chronic Lyme. This tenacious condition requires a new and comprehensive approach for success. While most clinics use solely antibiotics for Lyme, we have found this leaves most patients without full resolution, especially if the infection is caught in later stages.; Our treatments focus on the following strategies to make your body inhospitable to Lyme and Co-Infections like Epstein Barr, Babesia, Bartonella, and Ehrlichia.

1) Decrease bacterial load and eradicate infection

2) Change terrain in body to decrease susceptibility to Lyme and other Co-Infections

3) Desensitize the immune system against auto-immune reactions to Lyme and its cronies


What therapies can help Lyme?

While each case is treated uniquely for a custom plan, here are some of our therapies that other patients have found useful.  Please click the links below to read further details.

Major Auto-Hemotherapy (blood ozone treatments)

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI)

Intravenous Nutrients

Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI)

Far Infrared Sauna

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Disulfiram (Antabuse) Rx


Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

and more...

Success Stories from Chronic Lyme

"I was chronically ill for many years with several diseases including Lymes. I took IVs with Ozone and a special Lymes ultraviolet light. The first treatment with the Lymes light really kicked my rear - park of natural healing. All the other diseases are gone now but, I need more treatments to completely conquer the Lymes. I am actually living life now, up and productive every day. I thought I would need surgery on my right foot to repair a broken bone that had grown to another bone. It was painful but, in two treatments on one of doctor's special machines I am pain free. Anyone who has not experienced wholistic healing may freak out when they are healed - it may, hurt, upset your system or... But it is so worth it !! Traditional Western medicine and counseling for 38 years nearly did me in. I was sent home to die in 1998. I was nursing home ready. The Lord woke me one night and, in spite of begging Him to take me, - the next day He began putting together a worldwide team to heal me. Complete healing has to be addressed physically, emotionally (NET and Prayer Ministry) and spiritually (Jesus will lead the way). I am proof of this. Today, I so much healthier. I was even well enough to go to school and become a Prayer Minister. Dr Noah is all about healing, using the best and cheapest method to become well. He is not about getting rich - HE REALLY CARES." J Leathers - Prayer Minister

"I came to Dr. Noah after spending a couple years and over $20,000 on other doctors who were not able to help me. He is the only one who was very thorough and actually had answers and took the time to figure things out. I had many symptoms including digestive issues, extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, hair loss, swollen lymph nodes, etc. etc., and could barely spend more than a couple hours a day functioning. He knew what testing to do and has helped me discover that I have Lyme, SIBO, and all of the fun side effects that come with those.:) I truly don't know where I would be right now if I had not come to him...probably laying on the floor. I am getting energy back and feeling like I am starting to have a life again. This place is the best! I am so grateful for Dr. Noah and his amazing staff!" A.K. - Meridian, ID

Medical Research about Chronic Lyme

Additional Info about Lyme at the ICIM

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