PEMF-120-SystemPEMF represents one of the greatest medical breakthroughs in our time.

If we told you that there was a modality that could reduce pain, increase energy, speed up healing of injuries and fractures, accelerate recovery from exercise, and increase circulation - all without signifcant risks or side effects, wouldn't you be excited?  We certainly are.  The Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine is proud to be one of the only clinics in Idaho with a high-intensity PEMF device.  Come see for yourself why professional athletes, NASA, and many others utilize PEMF to help achieve optimal health and function.  

We have the PMT-100 (AKA PEMF-120) for treatment of a wide variety of conditions.  This is considered a High-Intensity PEMF device, which means that treatment times are much shorter.  While some devices require daily use of 60+ minutes, the PEMF-120 can deliver a therapeutic effect in as little as 5-10 minutes!

What can PEMF help with?

Tennis Elbow


Chronic Pain

Low back pain


Athletic Recovery 

Success Stories using PEMF

"I felt the very beginning of a migraine headache, so Dr. Noah suggested I immediately try PEMF over my head.  I was skeptical, but it completely stopped the progression of the migraine in its tracks!  I was thrilled.  I wish I had known about this therapy years ago."

C.D. - Meridian, ID

Additional Info about PEMF at the ICIM

PEMF is not yet covered by insurance, so we charge only a small fee for each treatment.  While some patients are fortunate enough to results within the first couple treatments, chronic conditions could take longer to respond.  

PEMF is painless and safe, so it is suitable for patients of all different levels.  You can control the intensity of the pulse, so there is never a need to endure a painful session.

Please contact our office for info on package deals  - (208) 629-5374

**This treatment is not an option for patients with a pacemaker or other electrical implants**

**These statements have not been approved by the FDA.  Results are not guaranteed, and may vary from patient to patient.**

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