Major Autohemotherapy is a safe and powerful procedure that helps the body activate its own immune system and free radical scavengers which in turn help to clean up what  doesn't belong in the body. It is widely used in inflammatory conditions, like circulatory issues and wounds that are slow to heal, or

blood ozone IV chronic infections. 

Major Autohemotherapy is performed by removing some of your blood, infusing it with medical grade ozone, and then putting it back into your body by IV. This procedure delivers the much needed oxygen to the parts of the body that need it most.  For those with autoimmune issues, or current infections, we often piggy-back this IV ozone therapy with ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) for additional benefit in boosting the immune system, cleansing the blood, and improving oxygen delivery to tissue.

Often times, patients are surprised that we can infuse their blood with ozone gas.  We have always been told that ozone is bad, that the ozone layer is dissolving, and that oxidation and free radicals are the cause of aging. However, our bodies need ozone to function properly and most people do not make enough to stay disease free. These treaments can help you get back on track and fighting your condition!  Medical ozone has been safely used for decades throughout the entire world.

What is Major Auto Hemotherapy?

Major Autohemotherapy is a procedure involving the removal of about a pint of your blood into a sterile, closed IV bag. Then it is infused with medical grade ozone, which the body depends on and few people make enough of it. "Major" means taking the blood out of the body and put back in by IV compared to "minor", which is done intramuscularly (like a shot). You just sit back and relax...let us do the work!

What can Major Auto Hemotherapy help with?

Because Major Autohemotherapy helps with boosting the immune system along with helping the body clean itself up, it is really great for anyone. However, here are some specific conditions that it can improve:


*Macular Degeneration

*Circulatory problems

*Heart related problems

*Heart disease

*Sores and wounds

*Chronic fatigue syndrome


*Rheumatoid arthritis

*Colds and flu

*Hepatitis B and C

*Epstein-Barr virus

*Herpes simplex and Zoster viruses

*Lyme disease

*Streptococcal infections

*Stapholococcal infections


Success Stories using Major Auto Hemotherapy


“Dr. Noah, Beth and Karen are a blessing to me in many ways. I was chronically ill for many years with several diseases including Lymes. I took IVs with Ozone and a special Lymes ultraviolet light. The first treatment with the Lymes light really kicked my rear - park of natural healing. All the other diseases are gone now but, I need more treatments to completely conquer the Lymes. I am actually living life now, up and productive every day.I thought I would need surgery on my right foot to repair a broken bone that had grown to another bone. It was painful but, in two treatments on one of doctor's special machines I am pain free.Anyone who has not experienced wholistic healing may freak out when they are healed - it may, hurt, upset your system or... But it is so worth it !!Traditional Western medicine and counseling for 38 years nearly did me in. I was sent home to die in 1998. I was nursing home ready. The Lord woke me one night and, in spite of begging Him to take me, - the next day He began putting together a worldwide team to heal me. Complete healing has to be addressed physically, emotionally (NET and Prayer Ministry) and spiritually (Jesus will lead the way). I am proof of this. Today, I so much healthier. I was even well enough to go to school and become a Prayer Minister.Dr Noah is all about healing, using the best and cheapest method to become well. He is not about getting rich - HE REALLY CARES.”

                                                                                                                                                                     J. L. - Prayer Minister


Medical Research about Major Auto Hemotherapy


Journal Article, 2015, “The usefulness of ozone treatment in spinal pain”, in Drug Design, Development and Therapy

The aim of this review is to elucidate the biochemical, molecular, immunological, and pharmaceutical mechanisms of action of ozone dissolved in biological fluids. Studies performed during the last two decades allow the drawing of a comprehensive framework for understanding and recommending the integration of ozone therapy for spinal pain. METHODS: An in-depth screening of primary sources of information online - via SciFinder Scholar, Google Scholar, and Scopus databases as well as Embase, PubMed, and the Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews - was performed. In this review, the most significant papers of the last 25 years are presented and their proposals critically evaluated, regardless of the bibliometric impact of the journals. RESULTS: The efficacy of standard treatments combined with the unique capacity of ozone therapy to reactivate the innate antioxidant system is the key to correcting the oxidative stress typical of chronic inflammatory diseases. Pain pathways and control systems of algesic signals after ozone administration are described. CONCLUSION: This paper finds favors the full insertion of ozone therapy into pharmaceutical sciences, rather than as either an alternative or an esoteric approach.


Additional Info about Major Auto Hemotherapy at the ICIM

Dr. Noah Edvalson has seen great things happen with Major Autohemotherapy. The procedure is relatively painless and has only rare and mild side effects.  Some people become anxious when having an IV administered. We understand that and do our best to make you feel very comfortable! Please contact our office to see if Major Autohemotherapy is right for you!


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