SciaticaMany people live with lower back pain and think that what they suffer from is sciatica when, in fact, it is other problems. Sciatica should be evaluated by a professional and when it is determined that the problem lies with the sciatic nerve, specific treatment can begin.

Sciatica exhibits symptoms such as:

- Sharp, almost burning, pain down the back of the leg

- Sharp burning pain down the leg and down into the foot

- Numbness

- Pins and needles

- Lack of muscle control or function in the leg

The condition only affects one side of the body and if symptoms are experienced on both sides, further evaluation for other issues is warranted.

To successfully treat sciatica the source of the damage to the sciatic nerve must be determined. The condition can be caused by any number of things, but to treat the cause rather than the symptoms is the best way to be rid of the condition.


What is Sciatica?

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