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On Friday, February 17th, Idaho Chiropractors introduced legislation that will re-establish the use of micro-nutrient injection therapy, which was removed in an administrative rule change during the 2016 legislative session. The House  PASSED this bill on 2/27/17 with a 64-5 majority, so now it goes to the Senate!
On March 9th (Tuesday), Dr. Noah will be testifying before the Senate. You can help us by contacting your Senator BEFORE the hearing.  
We very much hope that all of you will support the chiropractors who have been treating patients with this type of therapy for many years, and are working to return this treatment option to their patients.  

On February 23rd, following testimony by Dr. Noah Edvalson and several other physicians, the bill was successfully reported out of committee unanimously with a "DO PASS" recommendation...but our work is not complete!
We have learned that allopathic medical groups are sending emails to legislators stating that our bill is an egregious expansion of the chiropractic scope of practice, and that micro-nutrient therapy is ineffective and dangerous. We need your help to countermand these false claims.
Send an email of support or contact your local legislator to show your support for our bill!
1) Identify your Senator: find their email or their phone number in the link below:

2) Contact them and voice your support via a phone call.
<or via email>
1) Click on the email link attachment at the bottom to get an example email to send to your legislators.
2) Open Your Personal Email System
3) Copy the letter subject and email language into your personal email with the name and email of your legislator.
4) Personalize your email with your information.
5) Repeat Steps 1-4 for the multiple legislators in your district. 
6) Share with friends and social media.
URGENT - time is of the essence, so please act ASAP!
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